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A woman who had brought a few cats to us this year, had another rescue for us. She knew an
older man who lived just outside of the city and he had a property with a lot of cats living there.
He had dogs too, and according to the woman he fed and treated them a lot better than the
cats. The dogs were allowed in the house and to roam the yard. The cats were strictly outdoor
and their only shelter was a cramped shed. All year round the cats resided in this rustic building that held storage items and lawn care equipment. Not exactly home sweet home! She has
taken a number of the cats home, but there always seemed to be more whenever she revisited the property. None of the cats were spayed or neutered. Eventually the man was reported
and the cats were rescued and re homed. Now we just have pretty little R, and her four daughters. They are very grateful to be rescued and to have a safe, clean and cat riendly family
taking care of them.


Rosie is a happy go lucky kitten who loves playing with her sister and the other foster kitties.
She has figured out how to open up the kitchen pot cupboard, and has been found asleep
inside said pots regularly. A sweet girl who likes snuggling up with children and the foster
mom who often wakes up with her beside her on the bed. Rosie likes to be like a race car cat
and chase her sister around the house, through the kitty tunnel and up the cat tree. They are
full of fun and adventure. Rosie will roll over for you to rub her tummy and purr with delight.
(Her sister Rue is missing a foot and has surgery pending). Rosie is ready to be adopted into
her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979