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Little Binky and his littermates were born to a mother cat named Wilomina. She was found
on a country property that has a long laneway leading to the house. The woman and her
partner who live there have found a few cats suddenly wandering their property which does
not get the usual tom cats coming from neighbouring farms, as they are just too far away.
In the late spring Wilomina showed up and promptly had five kittens which the couple
cared for and treated them all well. But when the woman called Pet Patrol, she explained
that Wilomina now has had second litter of kittens and she could not look after all of them.
She had over fifteen animals to care for and was not able to retire because she needed to
feed and care for them. She loves them all and it was quite difficult for her to come to the
realization that they needed to find homes and live a life safely indoors and not in the barn.
Binky and his siblings (Bingo, Bambi, Breezy and Buffie) are very loving, affectionate and
easy to carry around and cuddle.


Binky is calm and laid back, not fazed by much; but interested in everything. Even when
the resident cats show their displeasure at him all he does is lay down or leave avoiding
confrontation. He loves playing with pipe cleaners and chasing toy mice, racing around the
house with his new foster buddy Rufus, whom he recently met and they instantly bonded.
They have created games of Chase and Hide & Seek and are often found grooming each
other and curled up in a puddle of fur and purr. We thought that Binky may be ok as an
only cat, but now we see how much he likes Rufus and it would be nice for them to stay
together. This handsome boy also loves being around people, belly rubs and sleeping on
your lap. Binky is ready to be adopted into his forever home, ideally with Rufus. One that
will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979