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Little Bruce’s grandma cat (Reba), was a street cat who just showed up one day last summer. She took up living on the back deck of a country home, finding shelter underneath.
She appeared to be in good shape but then one day she was suddenly very thin, which
was a definite sign that she had had kittens. Under the deck must have been sufficient for
shelter as her first litter of kittens was born under there which included her daughter Boots.
The kittens were rehomed except for Boots, and not being fixed by the people who fed her,
Reba had a second litter of kittens during the snow storm at the end of March. By this time
she had a heated cat house she shared with Boots and thinking it is not the best weather
to have kittens outside, and after not sleeping all night worrying about them, the woman
moved all the cats into the house. This second litter came into Pet Patrol care with Reba
and all have been adopted. By now Boots, still not spayed was quite pregnant herself, and
had just two little kittens Bob and Bruce. Raised in the same home and now all are ready
for adoption, Boots is spayed and happy to be inside.


Bruce is very social and curious, exploring every nook and cranny, and playing with anything he can. He is quite creative. He is very playful and fun loving, like to chase after a
ball with bells and the crinkle toys. Games of Hide and Seek with his brother Bob or another playmate is great fun for them and for his caregivers to watch. He is an easy kitty to
pick up and cuddle, he likes to lay on your lap for a nice pet and belly rub too. He and his
brother wrestle and can be found curled up together in the cat tree, purring contently with
each other. Bruce is ready to be adopted into his forever home with his brother Bob or
another playmate. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979