Penny & Paisley adopt 22nd

Penny & Paisley adopt 22nd

Penny & Paisley adopt 22nd

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A woman had called Pet Patrol a few weeks back in regards to kittens that were born on her
property. She said we have a one hundred acre farm and it’s well off the road. All of a sudden
three female cats showed up and then an orange Tom cat. “We started to feed them as we
would not let any animal go hungry. But it was quite apparent that they were soon all pregnant
as their bellies expanded with the good nutrition. As it would happen all three cats gave birth to
litters of kittens within three days of each other. They were born in an outdoor cat house that is
insulated, heated in the winter and sheltered from the heat in the summer. The couple counted
thirteen babies. It was pretty obvious the father cat was the orange male as some of the
kittens reflected the mother’s coat colouring and some of the father’s. The couple needed a
place for the kittens to come to for adoption and all the females, and the male cat, will be
spayed/neutered and allowed to live their lives on the farm


Paisley is playful and very energetic. She loves exploring and is very curious about new things
and can be found perched on the highest point of the cat tree. Penny is like her sister in those
ways although she is more cautious in the beginning. She loves any toy with feathers and likes
to sleep hidden in the cubby of the cat tree or sprawled on a comfy chair. Both Paisley and
Penny enjoy chasing plastic springs and stuffed mice, and wrestling with each other. They also
are well known for hanging out on the window sill watching the world go by and ‘helping’ their
foster mom with work. Paisley is very interested in whatever is happening on the computer
screen while Penny likes to try to nap on the keyboard. Both Paisley and Penny prefer to be
where their human is and are quick to purr and love being pet and snuggled. These sisters
are ready to be adopted into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the
family and keep them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979