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A young woman living in a large city had left a very tearful message on the Pet Patrol line. She
had searched everywhere trying to find a place that would take her three cats. As the story
goes some time ago, she was attacked and had many injuries to the point where she was now
walking with a cane and had a hard time concentrating. She was not able to return to work and
with little money coming in she had to reluctantly move back to her parents’ home. They said
no to her three cats Kiki, Saley and Arabica. She was devastated and immediately sent
emails out to all the cat rescue organizations in her area , then beyond that area when she got
no response or the response was “we are full”. Then she started calling and leaving messages. She was at her wits end and only had three days before having to move with nowhere
to take them. Pet Patrol was able to bring them in, even though the sanctuary was full we did a
little shuffling and were able to accommodate. The cats were all friendly and social and should
be adoptable and easy to place in family homes.


Kiki is a very warm and cuddly cat and is intensely loyal to his person. He will win your heart
with his deep purrs and loving affection toward you, and he appreciates lots of pets and cuddles. He is a catnip fiend and will chase after anything with this feline friendly herb inside.
Mice, sachets, balls etc. – he is on it. He likes other toys as well, especially anything that
dangles from the wand toy and playing with his brother Saley, they are a bonded pair. Kiki is a
lovely cat who is gentle and loving and ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will
welcome him into the family with his brother and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979