Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear

Buddy Bear

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Buddy Bear is a beautiful and muscular looking boy. He arrived one day at a Pet Patrol
volunteer’s reliable feeding station. It was in the spring, the weather was wet and cold and
he was very unsure of humans but hungry enough to chance a distant encounter. Showing
that he is very stealth like he would eat then leave quickly and silently. Buddy Bear would
show up every morning and evening for his canned food and on hot days he would stretch
out on the cool cement in the shade for some relief. Overtime, if his meals were not
served on time, he would sit on the window sill and look through the window until someone noticed him. He began to sit closer and closer to her, but never withing reach. Feeling he was a friendly cat, but unsure of who to trust. he was soon rescued and came into
Pet Patrol care,Buddy Bear is is now rubbing up against his rescuers legs, asking for attention, belly rubs and for your lap to sit on. He has made himself quite comfortable and is
one of the favourites here now.


Buddy bear is a cat you will remember in your life for a long time. He is stocky and muscular but ever so sweet and gentle. He is a love bug. He doesn’t mind being picked up and
carried and is happy to be indoors safe and sound. Heat in the winter, air conditioning in
the summer and a soft bed makes a happy cat. He is interested in everything and will
watch from the window ledge the activities of the house as well as the birds and squirrels
outside. He’s chatty, he’s comical, and good company. Buddy Bear is ready to be adopted
into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979