I don’t know why the people picked me up out of my bed so abruptly and put me in the car. It was so sudden. I didn’t know what was going on or their intentions. It was a bit of a drive, and I was becoming very concerned. Suddenly the car stopped and I could smell fresh air, and heard just the birds singing and very little other noise. The car door was opened and I was quickly picked up and tossed out. Not sat down gently, no words were spoken, just tossed. Where the heck was I now?  The car wheels turned and peeled off out of the gravel driveway. The whole thing was terrifying to me and I took off like a shot. I ran through a backyard where I saw a little girl on a swing and dove into some bushes to hide. Catching my breath, I peered around wondering what just happened. I heard the sweet little voice of the girl calling me and she said the name Louie. That sounded nice and eventually I crept out and made a beeline just to her.  I was very happy to see people and be pet and to be cuddled but they could see right away something was wrong with me. I was kind of skinny and a little rough looking but it was my eyes that caught their attention. They were very weepy and looked very sad. The people may have thought that I had eye infections but I knew I had my eyelashes rubbing against my eye balls. It was very irritating……..

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