Nika & Niah

Nika & Niah

Nika & Niah

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Pet Patrol received a phone call from a woman who was about to move but wasn’t able to
take her cats with her. Although it was just a lateral move, from one building to the other, she
was in the same neighborhood and had the same landlord. Problem was, the landlord didn’t
want her to take but two cats with her, leaving NIka and Niah homeless. The woman also
mentioned that she had a mother cat and newborn kittens. Oh my! She was concerned about
re homing these sisters, as they are friendly, but also not used to change. They are quite
bonded to each other and are always found curled up on the couch, on the top of the cat tree in
the hammock or on the bed all sprawled out. The woman does not have much to her name and
was not able to afford the cost for their vaccines and being spayed so she chose to find a cat
rescue to take them in to find forever homes. She wanted to make sure the girls were kept
together and received the vet care they needed so they would not breed. Soon these pretty
kitties were in Pet Patrol care (followed by the mother cat and kittens a few weeks later).


Both Nika and Niah are very sweet, playful and affectionate girls. They look forward to the
attention of their caregivers with pets, head scratches and back massages. Snuggling at
bedtime is the best. During the day they will be found looking out the window, playing chase
and pounce with each other and chasing favourite toys like the plastic springs and wand toys.
A simple cardboard box with a toy in it is great fun! Both girls are inseparable and with lots of
patience and love they have blossomed in their foster home. They observe the world together
from a tall cat tree and are never far from each other. It is very heart warming to see the love
they share for each other, and also willing to share with their people. As a bonded pair they
should be adopted together into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family
and keep them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979