Belinda & Bridget

Belinda & Bridget

Belinda & Bridget

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A woman who lives in a small village, just off the highway, has brought into Pet Patrol care
a number of cats and kittens over the years. She lives close to one of our volunteers, and
between the two of them they have saved many felines who have migrated to their properties,
from living an empty life outdoors. In the case of Belinda and Bridget, the woman’s
daughter rents an apartment on a farm property about an hour’s drive away. She mentioned
that there were a number of cats on the property, unwelcomed by the owners, and
now there were four kittens needing to be re homed. The farmer intends on keeping the
mother cat for himself, as an indoor cat, but needed a place for the kittens to grow up, be
healthy and then adopted into good homes. It took a bit of organizing but soon they were
on their way to the sanctuary and then to a lovely foster home. All the kittens, Blake, Bria,
Belinda and Bridget have done very well and are now social and fun loving.


Belinda is a little shy to begin with, but when she warms up she likes to be picked up and
cuddled. She will purr in your arms when being pet and looks up at you with love and trust.
Bridget is a sweet and friendly kitten who likes to snuggle up on your lap. Their favourite
things to do are playing on the cat tree, running through the kitty tunnel, batting a ball
around or chasing a wand toy – a full day’s activities. When both girls are not creating
games with each other they are usually sleeping near a window in the warm sun or laying
on a pile of blankets. It is always a good idea to have a playmate in a home with a young
cat who is full of energy to keep them busy and engaged. Belinda and Bridget ready to be
adopted into their forever home together. One that will welcome them into the family and
keep them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979