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Theo has been wonderful company for a couple who adopted him as a tiny kitten. He has
been well cared for and integrated into their adult home beautifully. He was the second cat
for the home and was introduced to a female kitty named Aggie, about a year older than
him. They got along fine, although were not considered a bonded pair. As time went on,
the couple decided to start a family of their own and soon little humans were introduced
into the home, but poor Theo was not sure about this. He was very concerned about the
wee baby and was upset by the change of routine and not having as much attention and
affection from his people. The couple tried to accommodate him and his house mate. Now,
with the recent addition of a second child, it is apparent that both cats are not receiving the
love, affection, and care that they deserve. Theo’s owners are heart broken, but feel he
would do best in an adult only home that will appreciate him for his beautiful personality
and provide him with the family life he is accustomed to.


Theo is extremely affectionate, and loves to curl up right next to his people. Once he
becomes familiar with someone, he always welcomes a back and/or belly rub and enjoys
being picked up. He can be quite anxious/nervous in new surroundings, and becomes
scared with loud noises, so time and patience are needed to get him comfortable. He is
also very relaxed around children but deserves more attention than his family is able to
provide him at this time. Theo is an extremely quiet cat, and rarely meows. He is ready to
be adopted into his new forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep
him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979