Pumpkin & Petunia

Pumpkin & Petunia

Pumpkin & Petunia

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Pumpkin and Petunia had been adopted by a woman who had picked them up at a farm. The
kittens were sickly because they had not been fed good food, were underweight, had parasites
and colds. Being a good owner she took them to the vet who recommended all kinds of
tests which added up financially and only proved that they needed good nutrition, some antibiotics
and care. Fearing further medical costs and not being able to afford more she decided
to release custody to Pet Patrol. When Petunia and Pumpkin came into our care they were a
little unsure but we could see that they had been loved and had been in a good home. They
have continued to thrived and are now ready for adoption


Pumpkin is all boy and very energetic. You often see his eyes darting around the room, looking
for toys, fun or adventure, then running off in random directions on a crusade. When he wants
your attention he will trill, a sweet and funny little sound that catches your attention, and that of
his sister Petunia. A signal that he is ready for play or cuddles. He likes wrestling, chasing
after any type of toy, climbing the cat tree and he is quite agile at doing aerial jumps. Once
tuckered out he will flop down beside you for a pet and doze off for his cat nap. Petunia is
also playful and affectionate and likes to greet you with kisses and nose nuzzles and especially
likes getting on your shoulder to rub her head against your cheek. Right after sufficient
loving she gets into play mode where she is a ruthless attacker of toys, sometimes doing
aerial jumps, and always keeping an eye out for a surprise attack from her brother Pumpkin.
Although a bit shy to start Petunia warms up quickly and is generous with her ability to make
you feel comfortable. Petunia and Pumpkin are ready to be adopted into their forever home
together One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979