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There’s a small village not too far from the sanctuary where a number of cats migrate from
farms into the village. They find refuge in sheds and under decks and the people in town
tend to feed them. So they have no reason to leave. This lovely boy Aldo had been showing
up at one house for quite some time. He proved to be friendly and affectionate but it
was unfair for him to stay outside. As the weather changed from very hot and humid to cool
and rainy it was feared that he would become sick. Eventually he was rescued and brought
into Pet Patrol care where we were able to pet him immediately. It was lovely for him to be
able to stretch out on nice dry bedding and have plenty of food and no fear. Aldo has made
himself at home in the sanctuary and he’s looking for a family of his own.


Aldo is a lovely boy, and although shy when he first came in, he has come out of his shell
and is more comfortable in his new environment. He likes to be pet on his head and receive
a chin scratch or ear rub. Learning to be a lap cat was a gradual process but he
soon discovered that it is a great place to be and receive the love from his foster family. It
has been very interesting watching him discover and explore toys, something he has never
seen before while living outdoors. He is a kind soul, gentle and observant of his people
and the resident cats. He is learning how living in a house works and interacting with
people and those cats and is more content each day. Aldo is ready to be adopted into his
forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979