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For quite a few years one of Pet Patrol’s foster homes had been visiting a friends family farm.
She had not been there for quite some time as her friend had moved to another city. Reunited
again they decided to go back for a quick visit and our volunteer was quite surprised at what
she found. There were so many more cats there now, as opposed to the nicely controlled
colony of five or six, a few years back. There were about twenty cats, and most were not
spayed or neutered. The new owners were not doing much to control the overpopulation. Little
Nazia came into our care with three other kittens who are not in great health. Their diet was
poor at the farm, low quality and they had to squeeze inbetween the adults to get to the food
dish. Some times they were pushed away. They would have had paracites as well and generally
did not look good. Their chance of survival was very low. When the kittens arrived in our
care they were dewormed right away and when presented with proper kitten food, they ate
and ate and ate. There was a remarkable difference in them the next day with full bellies and
a good night sleep. They felt so much better, were lively and obviously very happy.


Nazia is a cute little cat who loves her people and appreciates lots of pets and head rubs.
She’s quick to purr and knead anything soft with her little paws, to let you know she’s enjoying
her massage. Initially she was a little unsure of her new environment but with time she settled
in nicely and is ready to greet you at the door and sit beside you. She is still learning about
toys and what they are, as she has never seen the likes before. She is intrigued by interactive
play with her people (wand toys, laser pen light or anything that dangles or drags). Nazia
enjoys watching the birds and the squirrels are quite entertaining. She is ready to be adopted
into her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979