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“Just trying to do the right thing for the kitties on the street ”. This was the message left for Pet
Patrol in regards to a young feline family that she had rescued the previous summer. The woman
was a busy working senior and she had found a litter of kittens and their feral mom living in the
retirement complex that she managed. She was in charge of the phones, health advise, medical
needs and much, much more for the residents. Noting that there is a fox in the neighbourhood,
well known to anyone going out walking, watching from their porch or balcony, she feared for the
cats. She brought them into her home with intentions of finding homes for them. Busy as she is,
only two little ones were placed and the others took up residence in her home. Hard part was
socializing them and getting them into the vet to be fixed. She did not own a car. For Calin he
was part of a litter born in the house in the spring and brought into Pet Patrol care to be socialized
and adopted into a loving home.


Calin is the biggest kitty of the litter; he is very playful and nothing stops him from investigating.
He is definitely the most curious, likes to climb and swing on anything he can get his little paws
on! He’s always trying to get to new places to check them out! Calin loves to play with his sister
Cindy and they make a great team at Tag and Hide and Seek. He is not shy about being the first
to the food dish, but he burns it off quickly with his activities. He also has down time and is happy
to cuddle with his people or siblings, purrs up a storm and will look at you with love in his eyes.
He is adorable. Calin is ready to be adopted into his forever home with his sister Cindy. One
that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979