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Pet Patrol received a message from a woman who had rescued cats in her community for
quite some time. She knew of a couple who lived in a hoarding situation and had a lot of cats.
Most of them were indoor/outdoor, none of them were spayed or had ever seen a vet. It was a
very sad situation and on many occasions she wanted to rescue the cats but the wife in the
home refused to let any of them go. She herself was ill, had multiple health issues, was not
very mobile, and didn’t take her medication or look after herself in any way. Then one day she
suddenly died. Her husband was quite devastated. Their friend approached him about a week
afterwards and apologized for bothering him but said “can I help you with the cats”. He was
more than willing to have them rescued and looked after by Pet Patrol. All five females, Ginny,
Ginger, Marble, Misty and MiMi came to the sanctuary with severe upper respiratory; two were
obviously pregnant and one was very dehydrated. It has taken time, patience, medication and
a few sleepless nights to give these cats good health and a happy future.


Ginger is a sweet girl and very talkative. She often eats dry food with one paw. Shes an amazing
Mom to her 5 babies. Ginger loves sitting in the cat tree watching the birds, chipmunks
and squirrels. We make sure to keep the feeders full for her entertainment. She is not so
cuddly but loves being petted and will often come sit with you on the sofa. She’s a good
jumper. Her first week here we discovered her eating off plates on the counter and licking a
pan in the sink. Her adopter can do what we did. Stop leaving food on the counter and turn
dishes upside down in the sink. She likes to follow me around the house when she’s not on
window duty or mothering her babes

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979