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A text message came through to the private phone of our Adoption Officer saying that the
number was given to him by a friend. It reads: “My step mom is passing away and she has
three cats that need homes.” A simple message but knowing someone who lives alone and is
passing away, the family will need to clear out the house or apartment in a timely manner and
where will the cats go? According to the son, no one else in the family really liked cats. Just
him and his mom. He himself already had two cats, who are a bit persnickety to new comers,
and he’s in a small apartment. Integration of three new comers surely would not work. He just
wanted a nice home for the cats. JoJo and Chloe are quite close and Sarah is very much a
cuddler with her people. By the next day this lovely woman has passed and the son said the
cats would only be able to stay in the home a few weeks.


JoJo is a nice big boy who is laid back and easy going. He, like his feline family, is friendly
and affectionate with people and has enjoyed a wonderful indoor life. He is a gentle player
and would like more interactive play with his people to keep his figure trim, and help him be
more agile. He is good company, a cuddly cat who will sleep on he bed with you and wants to
be where you are during the day. JoJo and Cloe are very good with each other and we are
sure their previous owner, who loved them deeply, would prefer they stay together. They both
like to be pet, brushed and coo’d over. JoJo is ready to be adopted into his forever home with
his little daughter Cloe. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979