Evan & Elijah

Evan & Elijah

Evan & Elijah

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Evan and Elijah came from a rundown farm property. Maintenance was limited and there
were cats everywhere. When our volunteer went to help with rescuing some of the cats, as
the farmers were trying to gain control of the property, she was quite stunned by the
number that were there. She started off by bringing in Evan, Elijah and their five siblings, all
from one litter, four calicoes and two orange and white. They were all frightened because
they had not handled right from being born and so people were still rather scary to them.
The farmer was happy to see the kittens go to a cat rescue organization where they would
be spayed or neutered, socialized and new homes found for them. Otherwise, they may
have gone to another farm where they would continue to breed. Pet Patrol was happy to
have these lovely kittens come into our care.


Evan and Elijah are both very energetic little guys and like to play all the time. Evan is
quite the go getter and loves toys that he can carry around the house in his mouth. He likes
his people and will follows the humans around the house, readily climbing up into their laps
for snuggles. He is getting better at being picked up and carried. Elijah is very chatty. He is
always looking for the other kittens to play with or cuddle up to. He is quite bonded to his
brother Evan and they are involved with the WWF (World Wrestling Felines) Elijah is still
learning about being picked up but will come up on the couch for pets. He is quite playful
and loves batting around toys that crinkle, jingle or bounce. Evan and Elijah are ready to be
adopted into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them
safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979