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One of Pet Patrol’s most active volunteers lives in a neighbourhood that backs onto farm
land. It is not unusual for her to have cats and other critters come to her feeding station and
cat house in her backyard. This handsome boy showed up about a month before he was
rescued. He was noticed every night coming for his food in her backyard along with a raccoon,
baby possum and a little skunk who scared him. He would watch her put food out
and stay about 10 ft away, he didn’t run or hiss, just seemed afraid and cautious. One
evening she noticed him hunting for mice in a field that two coyotes frequent quite often and
she realized she had no time to wait to rescue him now. He would become food for the
coyotes if she didn’t act now. She set up the humane trap for him and the first time she put
it out she caught him within ninety minutes. This was remarkable as trying to rescue a cat
can take days sometimes. Happily she brought him directly to the sanctuary where he
settled in safe and sound.


Korbin has come a long way in his socializing with the other cats, in our sanctuary. In the
beginning he was not sure about people and our intentions at all, but now he is accustomed
to our movements, voices, kindness and of course treats. Korbin likes to play as well.
Catnip toys are a blast, the laser pen light and wand toys allow him to interact with his care
givers and he occasionally wrestles with one of the other boy kitties. But generally, he is a
laid back cat who likes his GF Edna, laying in the sun streaming from the window and purring
with delight at being pet. Korbin is ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that
will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979