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Out of the four cats rescued recently, Tamika is the youngest. They all came from a rural
property which had many horses and they were housed in a small barn. Unfortunately, the
building was not in good shape and needed a lot of repairs, but the nice thing was that the
owners provided the cats access to the heated tack room. This is where the halters and
saddles for the horses were stored, but there were also cat beds and cubby holes for them
to snuggled into. The cats were treated like pets. The property is surrounded by bush
which houses coyotes and they will prey on the small animals so the family likes to keep
their cat colony to just a few. The woman living there had found homes for some of the cats
and others came into our care. The most recent are Tamika, her mother Teagan, auntie
Tavia and daddy Dave


Tamika is very much into being pet, picked up and carried, will bunt her head into your hand
and is content to be with her people. She is a lovely little cat and will be a welcomed addition
to any family. She is playful and entertaining. It was quite interesting watching her
explore toys, she really didn’t know what to think at first as she only had dry leaves or pebbles
to bat around before. She has a sweet and gentle nature, and is deserving of a loving
person to care for her. She and her mother Teagan are very bonded and would like to be adopted together into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979