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Pet Patrol took in four kittens that were from different areas, but have lived together in their
foster home as playmates. There were two little brown tabby boys, an orange boy and a
little gray girl. Little Louie & Levi, the brown tabby boys were born in a home that just had
too many cats. One of our volunteers received a call from one of her previous employers.
They had been visiting a home where there was a newborn child and there were about
seven kittens running around. They really needed to be placed. She rescued the kittens and
found homes for all but the two little brown tabbies. Lance’s story was very simple. He
was born in a home to a family that just had too many kittens and had run out of options re
homing them with family and friends. Our little gray girl, Lucy, was a different story. She was
born in cottage country. There was a mother cat who would be seen running around every
year and she had at least two litters. This year there weren’t too many people who are living
at their cottages because of Covid and therefore the kittens were growing up outside for
longer periods of time. All the kittens have thrived in their foster home.


Louie loves to talk. He always has something to say. He is very affectionate and likes when
his people hold him, he sprawls out on your lap for a night of cuddles. He is a very playful
cat and with his brother Levi they can get great games of Tag and Hide & Seek going. They
get along very well and enjoy playing in the cat tunnel together but their favorite game is the
cat version of the Indy500 running around the whole house. Louie is ready to be adopted
into his forever home with his brother Levi. One that will welcome them into the family and
keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979