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Pet Patrol was called to a neighbouring farm where they said they just had too many cats
right now; more than what they needed. The woman asked if we would like to have some. In
the past we have taken kittens from there who were a little weak and in bad need of good
nutrition. The food was very low grade which didn’t help. When we found the little D kittens
they were wandering freely around the tidy farm. They would lay under bushes in the heat of
the day, retreat into the barn at night for safety and lay on the cold concrete littered with
straw and manure. The family was very kind though and they gave the cats affection and
attention. Destiny, Dipper, Dahlia and Delilah soon came into Pet Patrol. They were in good
health and very sweet natured


Dahlia and her sister Delilah are an interesting blend of shy and chill. They seem to enjoy the
company of gentle children over 12 years old, cuddling and being petted by them. Dahlia is
a quiet, calm little observer who is cautious around people, but a sucker for a waving wand
toy! She can’t resist the invitation to play and chase toys. While still learning to feel safe
around big people, she is gentle and submits to being held and petted without any fuss.
Delilah is the most quiet of her siblings, but shows remarkable calm and gentleness when
being held and snuggled. While easily startled, she’s also easily soothed and has been great
with kids. She loves to play with her sibling and adores having people wave wand toys for
her. Her shyness gives way to her more fun-loving curious side. Dahlia and Delilah are
ready to be adopted int other forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and
keep them safely indoor

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979