Little Petey

Little Petey

Little Petey

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Pet Patrol received a call from a woman who had been out at a farm. She noticed a little
kitten that seemed to be struggling to walk and navigate his way around. It was raining and
he was huddled up against a bale of hay, sitting on wet cement and seemingly not aware of
how he could get himself to a proper dry place. When she asked about him the family said
they had noticed him running away after hearing a cedar rail fall off of a fence. They noticed
this little guy stumbling but scurrying away. This was Little Petey and he seemed fine
to start with but in actuality he was running for his life. He did not know what had just fallen
on his entire body, hitting his head, then across his back and slamming on his hips. The
woman felt so bad for him and felt he definitely needed to be seen by a vet but the comment
from the farm owner was “let nature take it’s course”. But Petey was suffering and the
woman asked if she could take him. Now this little guy is in Pet Patrol care. The injury to
his head caused him to lose his sight. The rest of his body, although x-rayed, showed no
broken bones. But he was in a lot of pain. Fast forward many, many months and Little
Petey is still in Pet Patrol care, adjusting to his new environment and doing OK.


This little guy has really shown us his resilience. He is small for his age but he can certainly
stand up for himself. He only has 5% vision in his left eye, but he can see light,
shadows and follow you around the house easily. He is not so good with stairs; he can get
up but because he doesn’t have any depth perception he can’t get down. Petey loves to
be cuddled and held although the elevator feeling between the floor and your lap is frightening
for him. He is a dear little cat who has shown all of us how adaptable cats can be.
We are fortunate to have him in our care. Petey is part of our Commitment of the Heart Program.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979