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One of our volunteers does a little cat rescue on her own. People will often call her from her
community and tell her about strays, kittens and mama cats with babies under sheds etc.
She has a good heart and accommodates them the best she can. One day she was driving
to work, heading in for the night shift, and she caught the reflection of cat eyes on the side
of the road. She pulled over and went back and found a very friendly but very worried little
orange cat. He was going to get hit on the road as he really wasn’t very street smart. She
put him in the car and she went to the very next house to see if he was theirs. He wasn’t,
but they agreed to keep him for the night until she could pick him up in the morning, on her
way home again. That was extremely helpful as he would not have done well in her car
overnight. Once in Pet Patrol care we were able to address his few injuries and his cold. He
has made a wonderful recovery and is now ready to be adopted into his forever


Fergus is a remarkable cat. Regardless of his rough beginning he is a loving and happy cat.
He adores people and would like nothing more than to have the same affection from his
forever home. He is active, playful and creative in his play. Anything can become a toy. He
is quite entertaining when he plays with the ping pong ball in a cardboard box, or better yet
the bathtub. He is calm and cuddly too, and when being pet he will often reach out and stop
you from pulling your hand away. With both paws. So cute. Fergus is ready to be adopted
in to his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979