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Pet Patrol received a call from a university student who wanted to rehome her cat. She was a very pretty kitty that she had adopted from a private home last year. In that time Lylak had never been seen by a vet and was not spayed, and although the young woman lived in a high rise her cat became pregnant. She had taken her home to visit family that had an un-neutered male cat in the house. Ah…not good. By the time Pet Patrol heard about the situation the kittens had been weaned and given away (hopefully to people who will spay/neuter to help control the over population of cats). But Lylak had developed a terrible rash on her throat and the young woman didn’t know what to do for her. Once in Pet Patrol care we immediately took her to the vet and she was prescribed medication to heal up the rash and pain medication because she was obviously uncomfortable.


Once recovered Lylak showed us what an affectionate girl she is. She loves to sit on your lap or beside you to be pet and have ear rubs. She is really enjoying watching the birds at the feeder outside. It is exhausting work, so a nap in the sun on the window sill is called for. Lylak is also very playful and is discovering toys, catnip being a favourite. She has integrated in with the other cats in her foster home without incident and knows how to make herself at home.

Unfortunately as soon as we started to cut back on her medication the rash reappeared. This happened a few times. Lylak was then seen by a specialist and had allergy testing done. She was diagnosed with multiple allergies. Lylak is now on a rotating schedule of medications which keep the rashes under control. She remains very much loved in her foster home and is part of our Commitment of the Heart.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979