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A lady who lives way out in the country, on a gravel road, saw Simon in her humane trap. Her own cat had scooted out the door and was acting like he didn’t even know her so she had to resort to the humane trap to bring him back into the house. But instead of her pure white cat she found Simon. He soon came into Pet Patrol care and acted very feral. He would upset his cage many times a day, and after a week of recovery from his neuter he was returned to her barn. He had a routine, was fed daily and had a warm place to sleep. Then a few months later he disappeared for a few weeks and then showed up injured. He was holding up his front right leg, could only walk a few feet and then had to sit down. He was going to become prey if not rescued soon. Within just a few hours he went into the trap and straight to the vet. Simon had been attacked and had a terrible gash and puncture wounds on his elbow. Every three days he was returned to the vet to have his bandage changed, eventually stitches were put in and he had antibiotics all along. After the second visit Simon showed us how friendly he really is, even goofy.


Simon is a sweet boy. He is friendly and affectionate, playful and active. Although he still walks with a limp, he can run, jump, do stairs and chase after toys. He is a delight to care for and we have completed all medical treatment for his leg. Ever so slowly he is improving and we are noticing he is much happier. Simon is looking for a loving and compassionate forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979