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Pet Patrol received a call from an elderly woman who was quite distressed. It seems that her daughter was evicted from her apartment and didn’t know what to do with her seven female cats. As a last resort, she put them in a large dog cage and took them to her parents’ apartment building. Unable to lift the heavy cage full of cats, they were left in the parking lot. A neighbour seeing the cats brought them up to the parents’ apartment, to a spare room where they immediately relaxed, but they could not stay there. The woman was in her late 70’s and her husband in his 80’s, the cats were not spayed yet and no funds available to have that done. Local shelters were called and messages left with cat rescue organizations, until they finally found Pet Patrol. They were quickly picked up and brought into our care. One was adopted before leaving the apartment and the daughters most favourite cat stayed with her parents. Lilo, Skittles, Sabri, Boots and Olive quickly made themselves at home in the sanctuary.


Sabri and Boots are very much attached to each other. Boots took to mothering Sabri when she as a tiny kitten by grooming, cuddling and watching where she is going. Sabri’s eyes are a bit different and we are not sure if her vision is obstructed or not, but she gets around just fine and is safe when she is with Boots. Both cats are cuddlers with their people as well, loving the lap time, bed time and movie time. They will greet you at the door and welcome you home. Sabri and Boots are ready to be adopted together into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979