Lost and Found

If you have lost your cat feel free to send us your cat profile to lostandfound@petpatrol.ca so that we can list your cat on this page. Please also make sure that you read the How do I find my lost cat? article in our FAQ section.

If you have found a cat please call us 519.669.1979 or email us.

Monster went missing at Glasgow and Avondale on January 17

Our wonderful cat, ‘Monster’ snuck out the morning of Wednesday, January 17th from our house at Glasgow and Avondale.

He’s an indoor cat and isn’t acclimatized to the outdoors. He’s super friendly so we are hoping he has found a way to charm you into letting him into your home to keep him warm.
He’s greyish/brown with black and white markings. His chest is pure white and the tip of his tail is white as well.

He has diabetes, so its important we get him his medicine soon!

Please call 226-750-7886 if you have any information. Thank you!

Found Cat in November

Hi I have a stray cat that has been living on my front porch for the past 2 months. He is very friendly. I have posted on different sites trying to find his owner or a new home cause this poor guy is going to freeze outside. Please help me (lmmrpn228@gmail.com).

Coco went missing at King and River area on Saturday, October 28

Our fur baby has been gone since Friday, Oct. 27. Coco is an outdoor cat, he usually roams the neighborhood and comes back a few times a day. He has slept outside before but never for this long. We live in Chicopee (King and River) and I am asking you, friends to keep an eye out for him. He’s gray, fluffy and on the bigger side. If you spot him please, please call 519-590-1088 or email sandracstepan@gmail.com . He is friendly enough to come to a treats pouch when shaken but will most likely run away from anyone trying to pick him up.

Huey went missing at the West Montrose area on Thursday, October 26

  • Huey is about 9 years old
  • Chocolate brown with black spots and stripes
  • White under his nose and front of chin
  • Curly hair under his chin and on chest
  • Very short whiskers which look like they’ve been cut
  • Sleepy green eyes
  • Neutered male
  • Micro chipped , no collar

Huey is very gentle, a little shy and he likes giving head buts.

If you see or find Huey please phone 226-972-9714 (Jon) or 519-998-8114 (Linda).
You can also e mail: stauch10@hotmail.com

Kitty went missing around the Westmeadow area on November 5th

Kitty is a very friendly young female cat was lost around the Westmeadow area close to iraneedles on Saturday November the 5th.

If you see her please contact Saba at 226-600-5578.



Cat found in Laurelwood on July 4th

We found this lost cat walking around our neighborhood (for the past few days). No collar or chip but its definitely domestic. If anyone has lost a cat or know someone whose lost a cat message me or call me at 519 998 8461.

Cat was found near SJAM in Waterloo Ontario.

lost1 lost2

lost3 lost4

Bruce went missing on June 29 in the Maryhill area

Here is a photo of Bruce, grey and white neutered male cat lost in the Maryhill area on June 29, 2016.
Please call Pat at 519-580-8745 if you see him or have picked him up. He is very friendly. Thank you.


My cat went missing Sat. June 25th it has been over 24 hours now and she has not come back.

She is a light orange/cream colour, about 7 years old. Goes by Luna and was wearing a white flea collar and a light pink collar. She is extremely friendly, spayed and has a “leaky” eye.

If you see Luna please call us at 519-404-5127. We miss her very much and are very worried.

Thank-you, Sarah

luna1 luna2

Winnie went lost on March 17 from Murphy’s Ranch Park in Whittier California

Female Siamese ragdoll cat Winnie. Missing sense 6 / 25 / 15 from Murphy’s Ranch Park in Whittier California. Cross streets Las cumbres dr. & youngwood dr. Main cross streets Mar Vista Blvd. & Colima. She is microchip and spayed. Last seen wearing a black harness. Cream / tan, white and black. White along face, chest, legs, and stomach. Black around her blue eyes. Black near nose. Black around ears, tail and one black foot. Looks like a snowshoe. Andrea Aversa I’m the owner. Contact me if she is found 5623241382


Female cat was last seen on February 16 around Rolling Hills Drive, Waterloo

1.5 year old female
Went missing from Rolling Hills Drive, Waterloo on February 16th around 2pm.
She is black and white. Easily noticed by her white mustache.
She is super friendly, loving and will probably come right up to you for some petting.
She is not declawed. She is not fixed yet as she manage to escape for one last booty call adventure before we could do so.
We miss her so much and have been just completely heart broken since she has been gone. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

Please contact Candace on her cell at 9055208981. Feel free to text or call anytime.

received_1505354799768247_resized Screenshot_2016-02-16-20-44-16_resized

received_10153649536900861_resized received_10153641463220861_resized

Ginger was last seen on October 2 2015 around Copper Leaf Crescent Kitchener

Heavy female tabby with shaved stomach. Declawed front claws. No collar. Stripes with gray, brown and dark coloring. Black mole on the inside of one ear.

Please Help. Last seen October 2nd at 12am around Copper Leaf Crescent Kitchener. Call house phone 519-208-8138 or the Humane Society.

Ginger1 Ginger2 Ginger3

Ginger4 Ginger5 Ginger6

Russell went missing on Nov 15 2015 from Kitchener – Glasgow University Fischer Hallman area

  • Russell is a male DSH cat 6 years old
  • Beige
  • Freckle on his nose
  • Claws , Neutered
  • NO teeth

If you see Russell please call Diane at 519 379 3680.

Russell1 Russell3


Ariel went missing on December 2 2015 from Kitchener – Highland and Highview Dr. area

Ariel is an indoor Grey Tabby cat that went missing December 2 after dark. She is the cat on the right, identical markings as the other cat just smaller. 9 year old female spayed and missing from Penelope Dr near Ira Needles area. (Between Highland and Highview Dr.) She could be found anywhere around this area as there are townhouses and new houses being built in the subdivision. Owner lives at Unit 71-76 Penelope Dr.

If found or you do see her please contact 519 498 0952 or St. Francis Animal clinic 519 742 6724 or Ground Search Rescue 519 496 9656 or the Kitchener Humane Society 519 745 5615.


Nola went missing on December 1th from 40 Byton Lane, Cambridge ON

  • Age: 8 months
  • Not spayed yet
  • Sex: female
  • Not declawed
  • Has rabies shot and is dewormed
  • Not micro-chipped
  • Has on a yellow collar
  • And a green tag with the following info: Tag might say Nola or Thunder (she loses her tag often and may have gotten an extra tag we have from our other cat).

My son left our backyard door open when he was going out to play in the backyard and she slipped out. She is an indoor cat and is not used to going out often.

We are on Byton Lane in Cambridge but our backyard faces the backyard of Wedgewood Dr in Cambridge so most likely she is on Wedgewood somewhere.

If you see Nola call Monika at 226-789-5509.

Nola2 Nola1

Willow went missing on November 25th near the Kitchener Market, between King and Weber East, Cedar to Pandora

Black and white cow-splotched female cat, goes by “Willow.” Small but muscular, ferocious mouser. Last seen Wednesday night (Nov 25). She is chipped, but has no collar. She is most likely near the Kitchener Market, between King and Weber East, Cedar to Pandora.

We are worried, the kids miss her. Please let us know if you have seen her, or call the Humane Society so we can pick her up.

If you see Willow please call Marcus cell at (226) 747 7616 or email Annie at annemichelle.s@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Willow1 Willow2

Cat lost on October 16

I’m looking for a lost male cat, would have been dropped in the last 24 hours. He’s all black and is about 10 years old. He has a broken canine tooth and is microchipped. Very friendly and a bit overweight.

I’ve attached a picture. Please contact Wes by email at wesbarichak@gmail.com



Cat lost in the Ottawa / Mill Street area in Kitchener, November 23

In the Ottawa / Mill Street area in Kitchener. Large and fluffy. Extremely friendly. Black with stripes. Went missing mid-morning November 23. Please return him to his home and play mate. Reward offered. Please send me an email if you find my cat.

black_cat01 black_cat02

Black cat lost the Churchill area of Waterloo (erb and fisherhallman), October 21

Has anyone in the Churchill area of Waterloo (erb and fisherhallman) seen this cat! He is a long haired black cat. I who is declawed in the front. He is also fixed and old, I’m really starting to worry! He’s been gone since Sunday! If you have him or have seen him please call or text me/pm me 519-497-5085! We just want our baby back! Reward offered!
Thanks Vikki


Velcro lost near Crimson Cres and Bridge Street in Waterloo, July 1

We lost our cat Velcro sometime between June 30 to July 1 2015 at Crimson Cres and Bridge Street in Waterloo.
He is a brown tabby with white, grey, black and a little brown. Velcro is a 9 year old neutered and declawed male cat. He also has one top fang tooth missing. He was a little on the chubby side but if he has been outside all this time I don’t think he still would be.

If you see Velcro please call 519 577 9937

velcro_1 velcro_2

velcro_3 velcro_4

Cat found in Belmont Village, October 2015

I found a cat in behind the Rexall/shops in Belmont Village. It is very friendly, walks up to me, wants to be pet, responds to me opening a can of cat food. I don’t know if she is lost, or a stray, or somebody’s outdoor cat. Every time I see her she looks like she’s hunting, maybe preparing for winter. Anyways, in case someone is looking for her, I have seen her multiple times.

If this is your cat, please call us 519.669.1979 or email us.


Teddy lost Mitchell Street, Ayr, ON, September 21, 2015

Long Hair, Ginger/Light Orange, male neutered, 4 years old, micro-chipped

Please call anytime 519-632-7974 or email cweidner@uoguelph.ca

Thanks so much! Cheryl

Teddy_belly Teddy_chair

Sparrow lost near Weber Street and High Street, August 6, 2015

My cat Sparrow has been missing since Thursday August 6, 2015.

She went missing in Waterloo, near St. David’s Catholic School (Weber Street and High Street).

Her name is Sparrow. She is 7 year old, small, short-haired domestic cat with green keys. Black and white with a distinct black spot below her nose. She is spayed but not declawed. Sparrow is very friendly. She likes being pet but is generally a very independent cat and lets you know when she is done cuddling.

She is an indoor/outdoor cat but it is not like her to be gone more than a couple hours and generally spends most of her time sitting outside the window anyways. She is greatly missed and her people want her home.

If found or spotted please call me at 226-789-8505 or email me at rielly_schneider@hotmail.com.

Sparrow1 Sparrow2

Louie lost in Guelph area, July 5 2015

This is my aunt’s cat Louie and he is special issues as he is unable to consume solid foods. He lives near the Speedvale and Elmira Rd N. intersection in Guelph. He is an 8 year old neutered Siamese/tabby mix with brown/gray with blue eyes.

If you find Louie pleas call 519-884-3547.

Lost Cat

Snowball lost in WestVale area, July 7 2015

I lost my cat, Snowball. Last seen yesterday around 7 pm in Westvale area. He always comes home for the night, but he did not last night (very uncharacteristic of him), I searched my neighborhood 10 times and still can’t find him. Also, he always comes when I call, but no luck this time.

He is fully black with a red collar and a tag on it. He is fairly small and is still a kitten (10 months old). He is super friendly and likes to explore. Entirely possible that someone locked him in a shed/garage by accident. Will come if you shake a bag of treats. He needs to take his meds so getting him home is very important.

If you see Snowball please email me: olena.ryzhyk@gmail.com.


Mack lost in New Dundee area, June 15 2015

Hello i have recently lost my 3 year old brown tabby. His name is Mack and is a very friendly cat and has been like a baby to me. He was last seen in New Dundee. A few people have seen him wandering around town but not sure if anyone’s picked him up. His stomach is orange and has black on his back paws.

If you see Mack please call me 226-338-1049 or email me at aliciamiller.122994@gmail.com

Mack3 Mack1 Mack2

Black Cat Found in WestVale, June 2015

If this is your cat please call 519.669.1979.


Panda went missing on March 19th, 2015

My cat panda went missing at about 12 am today (March 19th). Hes is grey and white, and extremely friendly. He snuck out while I was taking the garbage out I think at 147 Weber Street North right on the corner of Weber and Noecker, and it is really not like him to wander off. Any help finding him would be greatly appreciated, as I miss him very much and cant stand the thought of him being outside alone, especially because we live on such a busy street.

If you see Panda please call me at 905-617-0418 or email me at hollyparenti0418@gmail.com

panda1 panda2 panda3

panda4 panda5

Sofia went missing on January 6th, 2015

Sofia is a 3 years old fixed female cat. She has short and grey hair. She is really friendly. She weights approximately 10 kg before she is missing.

She was lost in building 2 of 300 regina street north. An irresponsible person lost her and hasn’t helped me to find her at all. I am in a different country and can not go back to find her until May. I hope that anyone who has seen her would help me find her. Your help would be greatly appreciated! You can contact me through email at ruodannadinegong@gmail.com or ruodangong@163.com since my cell phone doesn’t work in China and I will let my friend pick her up. Thank you so so much!

I am giving a reward to whomever finds her. Thank you in advance! I miss her so much!

sofia01 sofia02

sofia03 sofia04