Lost and Found

Junior – Elmira, Memorial & Arthur Area June 2nd. 2019

Our boy Junior ran out the door two days ago and hasn’t come home. He isn’t really much of a outdoor cat unless on take him out on his leash. If he is still wearing it he has a red harness on. No microchip or tattoo. Not fixed. His one back paw was hurt but was healing. He is a sweet boy. Please if he is bought in contact me.
Contact info. 289-332-0288 or amcmaster86@gmail.com and lost in Elmira area memorial ave and Arthur Ave. Been gone since Sunday night. 

Missing Cat – Queensway Drive between Spring Street and Cedar Street, St. Jacobs on May 24, 2019.

Our precious cat, Rosie, snuck out the morning of Friday, May 24th from our home on Queensway Drive in St. Jacobs.

Rosie is an indoor cat and will likely not allow any stranger to approach her without a great deal of coaxing (it may be possible to tempt her with cooked chicken or turkey).

She is a calico with a white chest and paws and her tail has dark rings. Although Rosie is 4 1/2 years old, she is much smaller than average and could easily be mistaken for a four to six month old kitten.

If you have any information please call 519-206-0181. Thank you.