Shibon (Kitten) has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Shibon

Born: March 10, 2018
Colour: Torti
Eyes: Green
Spayed & Vaccinated



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✘ Children under 12
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?  Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


Little Shibon was part of a colony on a rural property. She was born there, with many other kittens and cats. It was a fairly well kept property, but none of the felines were spayed or neutered. Through the grapevine they contacted a local TNR program to see if they could help with the over population of cats in their barn. The property owners were nice people and wanted the cats to be looked after. They were very concerned about being able to reduce their cat numbers and not have them produce at the dizzying pace that they had been. As well they realized that to feed them all was breaking the bank. A lot of the kittens were moved to foster homes and all the adult cats were spayed or neutered, returned to the barn if feral and homes found for those that were friendly. One of the first cats they showed the rescuers was Shibon. She was born with a very tiny left front foot. But once in Pet Patrol care, and x-rays taken, we could see that she had a deformed leg. It was quite a bit shorter and unusable. She could not walk more than one or two steps, could not run or play. It would eventually affect her spine and create arthritis in her joints. The decision to amputate after consulting with the veterinarian was a good one.


Shibon is such a delight and so much happier and more active now. She is a tiny cat who has been through a lot, but always has a purr and snuggle for you. She is gentle and dainty, but now that her leg has been amputated she loves to run. She just zooms around, can jump and spin around is very happy to be agile and active. Shibon is ready to be adopted into a forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors