Oscar has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Oscar

Born: 2016
Colour: Grey & White
Eyes: Gold
Neutered & Vaccinated


✔ Quiet home
✔ Active home
✔ Adult home
?  Children under 12
✔ Children over 12
✔ Other cats
?  Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


Oscar was rescued from right outside the sanctuary front door. It was the dead of winter and there were little kitty tracks in the cold, cold snow. Even though there are three large barns within a field or two from the property, cats don’t generally venture that far away from their shelter or food source in the dead of winter. That is unless they have no shelter, have been run off the farm by other barn cats, or there is no food there. They, like any living thing, must have food daily to survive, and if not, then their hunting skills kick in and they go searching. The downfall – that they don’t find food and they perish. It is not the ideal life in the country as many people, who dump cats out here think. It is a harsh reality of becoming prey and suffering. Oscar is a lucky one as a live trap was set for him and he was rescued shortly after his foot prints were discovered.


When Oscar first arrived he was not a happy camper. Just miserable. But one day, just like a switch was flipped our volunteer began petting him and to her surprise and delight he leaned into to it! His ears were rubbed, his neck and even under his chin. He began to purr. Just goes to show you that “you never know what the cat is truly like until you rescue it”. He was so happy to have people look after him, touch him and show him the love. He is now ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.