Nico (Kitten) has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Nico
Picture of our cat Nico

Born: May 19, 2019
Colour: Brown Tabby & White
Eyes: Gold
Neutered & Vaccinated


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✔ Children under 12
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✔ Indoors only


Nash and Nico are the only surviving kittens from a small litter born in a trailer home. They came to the attention of one of our volunteers who lives close by, when someone brought a tiny kitten to her, that was unfortunately on its way to passing. It was very thin and malnourished, and beyond being able to save as the blood work done at the vet clinic showed acute kidney failure. Hearing that the kittens were born indoors our volunteer went to see if she could help and if there was anything she could do. The house was pretty topsyturvy with a small child crawling around on the cluttered floors. The mother cat was in the house, as was the father cat (both unaltered), but with plans to have them fixed soon. It took a few weeks for the owners to relinquish the kittens to Pet Patrol, and once in our care we recognized what loving and attentive kittens they are.


Nico and Nash are inseparable. As siblings they really enjoy running around like the Indy 500, wrestling with each other and when all is said and done, they flop down and have a catnap in each others paws. Quite adorable. The are the only surviving kittens from their litter and have formed a very close bond. They have games of Hide & Seek, Dash through the Tunnel, and Pounce on your Brother, all in kitten like energy and in good fun. Both kittens love their people and are very cuddly and affectionate with them. New people are to be investigated as are toys, boxes, new rooms and anything in their path. The two ot them are incredibly cute. Nico and Nash are ready to be adopted into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors