Picture of our cat Manx

Born: 2017
Colour: Brown Tabby
Eyes: Gold
Neutered & Vaccinated


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✘ Children under 12
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Told by his rescuers: One summer about three years ago, a sweet faced brown tabby started hanging around our country house. He was very shy and would bolt at the first sign of us. We began feeding him and he slowly became a regular visitor, but he remained very wild. As winter approached, we set up insulated shelters for him and he would use them. About two years ago, he had a badly broken tail, bent at 90 degrees about halfway down. We suspect it was a predator that had tried to catch him, then a short time later the broken half disappeared leaving a raw stump that eventually healed. By now we were calling him Manx and all attempts to rescue him failed but he was more tolerant of us and came for food when we called him. Recently we noticed pools of blood on the path leading up to the deck then saw that the stump of his tail was raw and severely damaged again. He was obviously in pain. It became clear that he needed to be trapped but would he allow it? Manx was nervous looking at the trap but after some hesitation, he finally went in. We were elated. Soon he was at the vet clinic having the remainder of his tail amputated and he was neutered as well.

Manx is a stocky, muscular, but sweet faced cat who has adjusted to living indoors very quickly. He sees the luxuries of soft beds, a climate controlled house and the bottomless food dish. He thinks he is living at the Ritz after a life on the run from predators in the country. He can be found sprawled out on the cat bed with several other Pet Patrol cats, all waiting for their adopters to come. He still is a bit timid of all the new visitors, but is doing pretty good with the regular volunteers that come to the sanctuary. Manx is almost ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.