Kahlo (Kitten) has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Kahlo
Picture of our cat Kahlo

Born: April 28, 2019
Colour: Brown Tabby
Eyes: Green
Neutered & Vaccinated


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Kahlo (pronounce KAW-low) came to our attention when a woman found him on a country property. She had been helped in the past with the local Trap Neuter Release program for some feral cats. Now she had another colony of cats that arrived on another property that she visited regularly. She was a kind woman and she fed these cats and provided water for them daily, and she truly cared about them. Some of the cats that she had had fixed previously were brought inside, socialized and she kept them as her own pets. But now she was at her capacity and couldn’t take anymore in permanently. One of the new feral cats to the colony was female and she arrived very pregnant; looking for safety, nutrition and a kind person to protect her. She had a litter of three kittens and kept them mostly out of sight, so the woman contacted us about rescuing them before they got too old. Unfortunately she had not seen two of them in sometime, and the lone surviving baby had an issue with one of his back legs. This was Kahlo. It looked like he only had three legs, but upon closer examination he had a full leg, but no foot. Xrays showed that his foot had been cleanly cut off, and some how he did not bleed out. Amazing survival story of this little guy.


Other than a wobbly walk Kahlo is an agile acrobat, nothing slows this boy down. He is absolutely adorable and much loved in his foster home, his personality is addictive and he charms everyone. He can really pick up speed in his play and loves anything that bounces, rolls, dangles etc. He is up for any activity including cuddles and purrs. He is very social and interactive with visitors and is curious about them. Easy to pick up and carry he likes to snuggle and receive affection. Kahlo is ready to be adopted into his forever home where there is a playmate. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.