Picture of our cat Jemma

Born: 2016
Colour: Calico
Eyes: Gold
Spayed & Vaccinated


✔ Quiet home
✘ Active home
✔ Adult home
✘ Children under 12
✘ Children over 12
✔ Other cats
?  Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


Jemma is a very wise calico cat who has had many litters over the years, in a small village. She herself probably came from a nearby farm, but took refuge under a lady’s back porch in town. This is where she found shelter to have her litters of kittens over the years. The elderly woman who lives there fed Jemma twice a day and provided fresh water as well, year round. Although the deck shelter provided some protection from wind, rain and predators, the kittens all needed to be rescued and brought into safe care. This mother cat is very wise to the humane trap and will lay in front of the entrance so that the kittens couldn’t go in and be rescued. She also stretched her body into the trap, scooped out the food, backed out and ate it. Then she will look at her potential rescuer and give them a sly smile as if to say “I’m not going to fall for this, you can’t trick me”. Our volunteer was able to rescue her kittens and finally one day she went into the trap and it sprang shut behind her. They are all now safe and sound, spayed and neutered.


Jemma is presenting herself as a feral cat. No one was able to touch her while she lived outside, and she is not interested in it now that she is in the sanctuary. She is fine with the other cats in our care and quite social with them, but people are just not her thing. We are hoping that the lady who fed her daily, and goes away for the winter, will provide the same care to Jemma as she has done in the past three years. Once she returns Jemma can be allowed to be an indoor cat so that she does not have to bear the brunt of the weather changes. Jemma is so pretty and quite petite, it is sad that she has not had the opportunity to be handled by people at an early age. She has missed so much much attention and love,
and endured such hardships. Every kitty deserves a forever home.