Figgy (Kitten) has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Figgy
Picture of our cat Figgy

Born: August 10, 2019
Colour: Orange Tabby
Eyes: Gold
Neutered & Vaccinated


✔ Quiet home
✔ Active home
✔ Adult home
✔ Children under 12
✔ Children over 12
✔ Other cats
✔ Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


Figgy, Fugo and their sisters Flower and Friskie were conceived on a small country property that housed a horse stable. This place was well-known in their tiny community for allowing their cats to breed indiscriminately and the place was quite over populated. So sad and disturbing for the neighbors and people coming to board or ride horses. For these little kittens their mama had to travel through the woods to reach an abandoned chicken coop, on a ladies property, in order to have her kittens in a safe place. Over the last few years we have been able to rescue quite a few cats and kittens who have taken refuge in this small building. Once the woman discovers them in there, and she checks regularly, she begins to socialize the cats. She makes sure that they have fresh water and good nutrition as well. Once the kittens reach a certain age she tries to find homes for them or she contacts rescue organizations to help. Pet Patrol was happy to help with these kittens as the others have been easily adopted.


Figgy is the smallest boy and a remarkable survivor, having been rescued from the mouth of a farm dog and placed with a group of kittens to adapt. Figgy has done that and more! He’s tiny but mighty. He’s genuinely loving and fearless, approaching all people with loud purrs and rubs. He loves being snuggled, held, and played with. He enjoys cavorting with his siblings and getting belly rubs. He is very active and playful with his siblings and with toys as well. Always ready to explore, greet his people and generally just have fun. He is ready to be adopted into a forever home with a playmate. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.