Elsa has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Elsa
Picture of our cat Elsa

Born: April 2018
Colour: Dilute Torti
Eyes: Gold
Spayed & Vaccinated


✔ Quiet home
✔ Active home
✔ Adult home
✘ Children under 12
✔ Children over 12
✔ Other cats
?  Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


Elsa’s little life began in a home we assume, because she is so sweet and friendly. She was obviously handled by people, petted and picked up. But when she came to Pet Patrol’s attention she had been found roaming aimlessly in a subdivision. It was located on the edge of town, a quiet neighbourhood with friendly people. According to the woman who reported them, someone had dropped off five house cats near her home. She had never seen them before, but between her and a neighbour they made sure the cats were fed. They began to worry about the cats because the weather was very cold, rainy and unpredictable (the woman didn’t know where the cats were finding shelter), and they wanted to see them safely indoors. Elsa came with her brother and were easy to rescue and they have settled into indoor living quite well. The other cats were brought indoors as well and are with another rescue organization.


Elsa is a friendly and affectionate, playful and fun loving young cat. She fit into the sanctuary lifestyle which tells us that she is used to living with other cats, and gets along with them very well. Elsa is gentle and sweet, likes to be pet and purrs quietly. It took her a bit of time to adjust to her new surroundings, new people and routine. It was a bit overwhelming for her at first but she snuggled up to her caregiver for comfort and looked to the other cats for guidance. Soon she was investigating everything. Elsa is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that at will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors.