Davina has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Davina
Picture of our cat Davina

Born: May 2017
Colour: Calico
Eyes: Green
Spayed & Vaccinated


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Davina is a beautiful Calico Girl with emerald green eyes, who was born on a country property during the spring time. Her mother, Della, showed up on the property the winter before when it was brutally cold outside, and the wind just whipped off the open fields, there was little shelter for her, but she found a spot in their shed. The couple living on the property set up a heat lamp for her, cozy bed, food and water and checked on her daily. Della at the time, kept her distance. In the spring, and being an unaltered female, she naturally became pregnant and gave birth to three kittens but only one kitten survived, Davina. Neither of the cats left the property after that, and they continued to call the shed a home. In the fall Della gave birth to six kittens, and wanting to keep them safe, the couple moved them into their shop. They were able to find homes for three of the kittens, and Pet Patrol helped with the rest. All the cats are now spayed or neutered and ready for adoption.


Davina is a true calico, as there are no stripes in the orange and black patches on her fur, and she is gorgeous. It does take time for her to feel comfortable when her environment changes and she will seek out the companionship of her mother Della. But she is out and about and playful, gentle and sweet natured. She can be held in your arms, cradled like a baby which is adorable. Davina is quite attached to her mother Della, and they can often be found cuddling and grooming each other, and it would be important that they stay together. Davina is ready to be adopted into her forever home with Della. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.