Arthur (Kitten) has been Adopted

Picture of our cat Arthur

Born: August 7, 2019
Colour: Orange Tabby
Eyes: Gold
Neutered & Vaccinated


✔ Quiet home
✔ Active home
✔ Adult home
✔ Children under 12
✔ Children over 12
✔ Other cats
?  Dogs (passive)
✔ Indoors only


There is a country property that is known for boarding horses and having many, many cats there. Because none of the adults were spayed or neutered, the cats bred freely and the feline colony numbers were out of control. The mother cats would often migrate across a field and through a wooded patch to get to an out building. It was actually a chicken coop that had long been abandoned, but was still in good shape. The woman who owns this neighboring property fed the cats and watched out for the kittens when born. The mother cats would be spayed and released again if feral, or homes were found for them, as well as for the kittens. Finding homes for the cats through friends and family is fine in the beginning, but eventually you run out of adopters, and that is when she reached out to Pet Patrol to help finds homes for them. Arthur, Aslan and Anastasia have done wonderfully well in their foster home and are now ready to be adopted.


Arthur and his brother Aslan are quite attached and he feels most comfortable when they are together.  As soon as one brother perks up and wants to investigate something, the other follows quickly afterwards. They are very curious and social, like new people and want to see what they are all about.  Like all kittens they are very playful and full of energy, they like to chase wand toys and anything else than dangles is fair game.  Arthur is a sweet and kind hearted kitten who is is ready to be adopted into his forever home.  One that will welcome him into the family with a playmate and keep him safely indoors.