Dylan & Donavan

Dylan & Donavan

Dylan & Donavan

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One of Pet Patrol’s volunteers lives in a small village and has a feeding station outside her
little house. The tasty food and fresh water attracts stray cats in need of a meal and shelter.
Some move on and some are rescued, spayed or neutered and if friendly homes are found, if
truly feral then a hobby farm is their new home. One day a very pregnant female cat showed
up and appeared to be desperate for help. The volunteer’s neighbour had noticed this poor
kitty as well and kindly offered to take the cat indoors, safe from predators where she could
regain her health. The kittens were born in a warm and safe environment and now that they are
older, they are really starting to show their unique, furry personalities. The mom is now spayed
and since she wants nothing to do with people she will be re homed to a safe hobby farm.


Donovan (orange) and Dylan (champagne) are the most playful little balls of fluff. When they
first wake up, they come right to their human for cuddles and pets, but as soon as a toy moves,
it’s play time! Donovan loves to chase the cat dancer, running around, jumping successfully
and landing unsuccessfully. Dylan is more of an ambush predator, although he does his part
running, too. He likes to climb up to a high place, or hide under furniture to watch the toy, before speeding out to grab it. They love to wrestle with each other and their brother, Crosby.
Donovan can be a little shy at first but warms up quickly, climbing onto your lap to secure the
best spot for cuddle time. Dylan cuddles right in, too, and loves to gently lick your hands and…
socks(?!). These two kittens would love to be adopted together to the perfect home, preferably
where there are lots of socks. One where they will be welcomed into the family and kept safely

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979