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One of our volunteers who regularly goes to farms and checks out situations when we receive
phone calls about overpopulation of cats, found eight kittens needing help. This particular
farm was overrun with cats. There was at least eight females and two males, and also four
adolescent cats as well. The property owners had been asking for help for a while and our
volunteer would take in litters of kittens and find homes for them, but it wasn’t stopping the cats
from continually breeding. Finally, the farmer agreed to spay and neuter the adults and keep
them as barn cats. They just needed to figure things out because they had just taken over the
property after her father had passed away. The cats were fed and had shelter but they were
plagued by predators and often kittens went missing. Eight kittens came into Pet Patrol care
that day and are so very cute and nicely social.


Teddy is a very handsome orange tabby that looks like his sister Talia. He is a snuggle bug. He
loves people and lets them know by speaking up with many meows and showing up at your
side for attention and pets. Teddy will lick your chin and neck when you pick him up, is a gentle
boy with people and plays gently with his siblings.
Teddy is a quieter gentler kitten who can play well with other quieter kittens in his group. Teddy is
ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep
him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979