Tug & Tilley

Tug & Tilley

Tug & Tilley

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As told by their rescuer: “ I am a volunteer for Pet Patrol and have a feeding station set up on
my back deck. I live in a rural village surrounded by farms and there are a lot of cats dropped
off in this area. A pretty cat (Tallie) showed up occasionally last year and stayed just out of
reach. Attempts were made to rescue her but she eluded the humane trap and over the winter
I continued to feed her and try to earn her trust. Fast forward to the spring and Tallie started
looking rounder…she was pregnant! I have insulated cat houses outside but never saw her go
into them. As she grew bigger she started to be stay around more often, she’s just a little cat
and her belly was enormous! Finally, one morning she came out of one of the houses (yay!!)
and had her litter of six babies a week later. Tallie now allowed herself to be rescued and
relaxed as soon as she was indoors, showing me she had lived this lifestyle before. Poor kitty!
How did you end up homeless on the street?”


Tug and his sister Tilley were bonded right from the start. They are always around people and
like to be pet and be shown the love and in return they purr deeply and give you little head
butts. Being picked up off their feet is something they are getting used to but they will climb on
your lap for a snooze for TV time. Both cats are playful and fun loving, they chase wand toys,
climb cat trees and play with any cat toy around. Napping on the top of the couch, in comfy cat
beds or on the window sill in the sunshine are the best. Tug and Tilley are ready to be adopted together
into their forever home. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them
safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979