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A woman in the area of the Pat Patrol sanctuary owns a one-acre property and has been
instrumental in rescuing, spaying and neutering any stray cat that comes to her. Over the past
two years alone, she has fixed over forty cats. Friendly cats are taken to local rescues and
given forever homes; feral cats are released on the property. They must know that her place is
safe, because she currently has about thirty cats who come to her daily for food. Her abandoned chicken coop is a welcome refuge for pregnant females; they can give birth to their
kittens in a space that is safe from predators. The kittens are brought inside the woman’s
house so that they can be socialized. This allows the kittens to adapt well to domestic life and
form strong bonds with their adoptive families. For Haven and her siblings, they have all done
well in her care and are now in a foster home where they can receive one to one attention and
thrive. They are beautiful healthy cats.


This pretty girl is extremely intelligent, curious, active and playful. She is excited to climb the
cat trees, gaze out the window or watch the activities of the house from her perch. Toys are
her passion so make sure you have plenty of them for her to play with. Anything that dangles,
the wand toy, bouncy balls, plastic springs and anything she can bat around and chase. Haven
can be a little shy, yet she is an independent princess. She will take some days to slowly get to
know you but if you are calm and patient, you can easily win her over by offering her food and
chin scratches. She bonds with her people but also enjoys other cats. Haven is ready to be adopted into her forever home. One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979