Kirsh & Katinka

Kirsh & Katinka

Kirsh & Katinka

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Pet Patrol’s sanctuary is in a community where people do things the old fashioned way. Many
do not have cars or Hydro to parts of their property and they live a rural life. About a year ago
Pet Patrol was at the local small business and the property owner mentioned he had found five
kittens in his garden. They brought them into safely and were raising them. There was a handsome orange male and three calico girls. They decided to keep the boy and the three girls.
But we warned them that in no time they were going to breed. Sure enough the following
spring he needed to place the moms and their eleven kittens. Pet Patrol was finally able to
convince him to have the male cat neutered and one momma spayed that they wanted to keep
on their hobby farm, and we were able to have them looked after. Kirsh and Katinka’s momma
and the rest all came into our care and are ready for adoption.


Katinka is a going concern! There is always an adventure to be had and exploring to be done,
no matter which room, bag, box or people’s shoes. You can find her catching a nap in the
cubby holes of cat trees with Kirsh who she is pretty dependent on. She can be given all the
credit for helping her get use to people as she was unsure when first brought into our care.
Kirsh prefers a good grooming bath than to be in the middle of a wrestling match like some of
her siblings. Both kittens are playful and active, like to chase after toys that bounce, skitter
across the floor, the wand toy they cat leap up after and of course the plastic springs. Kirsh
can often be found walking around with a simple pipe cleaners in her mouth, her prized catch,
tail high and looking for place to play with it. Kirsh and Katinka are ready to be adopted into
their forever home together. One that will welcome them into the family and keep them safely

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979