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A Pet Patrol volunteer was walking her dog near a tree farm when she spotted Stryker, a long
and lean black and white cat. Knowing that coyotes have been seen in the same area, the
volunteer did not want him to become prey. She asked around the neighborhood to see if he
was perhaps someone’s indoor/outdoor cat, but no one knew where he came from, so the
volunteer started putting food out for him. He soon became a regular visitor to the porch, but
he would bolt as soon as she got too close. Then one evening, she set a humane trap up and
Stryker came at his regular time and lay down beside it, waiting for his evening meal. Hmmm.
That was not how the plan was supposed to go. She then put a handful of cooked chicken into
the back of the trap, and this gourmet food was too great to resist and he happily walked in.
Soon he was in the care of Pet Patrol and is loving being in a safe and healthy environment.
Stryker is getting ready to live his best life.


Stryker has come a long way socially in a short period of time. When he first arrived at Pet
Patrol he was not sure where he was and what was going on. And people? Were they trying to
touch him? He had lived on the street for a while, fending for himself, and being scared. Constantly listening and looking over their shoulders to make sure they are not being followed.
Overtime Stryker relaxed and allowed us to pet him, and now he can be picked up and cuddled etc. He is very happy to be rescued and be safe and have no worries. He’s discovering
toys which is very exciting for him, kitty tunnels, climbers, and anything that he can chase is
always interesting to him. Stryker is ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that will
welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979