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We don’t think Vito had a very good life before he was abandoned. He was safe, indoors
and fed, but it was very low quality food in a very low, limited income home. There was another
cat that lived with him at the time named Austin. Pet Patrol received a call on a Friday from a
man saying that he was moving on Sunday and he knew that he had left it too long but he
needed to find a place for his two cats. In speaking with him, and since we were beyond
capacity, we suggested the city shelter and he said he would phone them. Not hearing back
we felt that the situation had been taken care of. However, the following Wednesday we
received a phone call from a superintendent who said that their tenant had moved out without
notice, and left his two cats behind. It wasn’t until they arrived at Pet Patrol, that we realized we
were dealing with the same person. Vito and Austin were found cowering in a closet, no food,
no water, no litter box, and the door was shut. They were beside themselves. After a few days
in their foster home they really came out of their shell and showed their lovely personalities.


Vito is a very affectionate and sweet boy. He is always making biscuits and will start when
you’re walking up to him. He’s always excited to see you and would let you pet him for hours if
you could. He likes his safe spaces to be in, a covered cat bed or under the table on a chair
but will always come out to greet you when he hears you coming. He loves belly rubs and chin
scratches. He especially loves when you come with his food. Vito has worked really hard to
lose his extra pounds and his energy and mobility has increased a lot. With portion control he
will continue to do well! This lovely boy is ready to be adopted into his forever home. One that
will welcome him into the family and keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979