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Pet Patrol became aware of a colony of abandoned cats at a dilapidated property off the
beaten path. The small white house was a tidy place when rented to a couple but when they
suddenly moved out they left behind a terrible mess. The house inside had trash everywhere
and what furnishings were left behind were not salvageable. Outside the grass was over
grown, huge weeds and repairs had not been reported and now in worse shape. The saddest
part is the poor cats, Quinn and his buddy Qasim, were just left behind. No food, no shelter
(except in the shed which now was full of garbage) and left to their own devices to survive. It’s
a desperate situation for them. Our volunteer found the cats were thin, dirty and starving. One
boy was limping, and it took a few days to rescue him. When they all came into Pet Patrol,
they proved themselves to be very friendly and affectionate right off the bat but they needed
time, nutrition and TLC to help them recover. Quinn and Qasim have done well in our care


Quinn is a quiet and gentle cat. He is an observer and likes to watch what the other cats are
doing, monitor the cleaning duties of the volunteers and accept a nice scratch on the head
from visitors. He is curious and checks everything out, but mostly when things are quiet and
calm. Quinn is easy to pet and entice into play with a wand toy and the laser pen light. He is
mesmerized by the automated cat toys that flash and feathery things poke out of holes randomly. He has never seen the likes of it before. Quinn is quite attached to his buddy Qasim
and the two cuddle and groom each other, smiling and purring together in a cat bed. It is
adorable and heartwarming to see. Quinn is ready to be adopted with his buddy or where
there is another playmate in his forever home One that will welcome him into the family and
keep him safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979