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A woman who runs a small cat rescue organization in another town had brought cats to us
earlier this year. She doesn’t have the same resources as Pet Patrol and at that time was
reaching out to many rescue organizations about a colony of cats. She put in a lot of time and
effort in order to place these cats in the safe hands of rescues. We received a call from her in
regards to a momma cat (Honoka) and her five kittens. They were outside and the kittens had
colds and their eyes were infected , it was a very sad sight. One of our volunteers met her
halfway and brought the whole feline family directly to the vet clinic where they were saddened
to see the shape of the kittens. Mostly their vision was impaired because the eyelids were
fused shut from infection. After their examination they were brought to the sanctuary and their
prescribed medication was administered. They were reunited with Honoka and everyone has
regained their health and done well.


Honoka is a beautiful cat and has excelled in Pet Patrol’s care. She has a sweetheart named
Buddy Bear and through him she has learned how to be with people happily. They have now
become loving companions, enjoying chasing each other around, watching TV together, and
grooming sessions from Honoka that Buddy Bear pretends not to enjoy. Honoka is a kind
little girl who has learned to love being petted, especially those chin scritches. Her journey
started as avoiding human touch, to now actively seeking it out. She’s playful and curious. And
although she’s not quite ready for cuddles yet, she may still sneak up onto your bed with you
for some attention. It is preferred that these two go to an adult home together. One that will
welcome them into the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979