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It is not uncommon for farms to have cats and this particular farm, being small, is luckily not
over populated with cats. They do fed them, socialize them and the cats are comfortable with
children. Many come into Pet Patrol care when “they have enough and wonder if we want any”.
Petal, Baby Pinky, Pippa and Pickles, had lived at the farm ever since they were born. But
now the barn, being old and the family needing to expand, is going to be torn down and they
wanted to make sure the cats were safe. All four cats came into Pet Patrol care, transported
by horse and buggy in a crate used for chickens. Once settled they ate two large bowls of food
in short order and have continued to thrive since then.


Pippa is lovely and very social. She doesn’t mind being picked up and carried, cradled in your
arms and talked to, it seems to be the most natural thing for her. She loves her people and to
be doted on. All four cats are very happy to be around you, sitting on your lap, and interested
in all you do, Pippa is no exception and she carries on the family tradition of greeting you at the
door and seeing what you are doing. She loves her little brother Pickles and they often will cry
out for each other and start wonderful games of Indy 500 and Hide & Seek. After a rousing
game they curl up in their kitty bed or on the cat tree perch, and fall into a deep sleep. Pippa
Is ready to be adopted into her forever home with Pickles. One that will welcome her into the
family and keep her safely indoors .

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979