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A young man had sent an email about this little guy Austin and his two siblings, who had
taken refuge under their cars in their driveway. They were three orange kittens and they all
were looking pretty rough. Their coats were dull and being long haired cats they were now
matted with burrs and debris. He and his wife live in a nice town not far from the sanctuary
and behind their home is a public park, river and open space leading to the edge of town
onto the country. It is not uncommon for cats to migrate into the town from neighboring
barns if they are not welcome, not fed enough or unable to find suitable shelter. This may
have been the case for Austin and his young feline family. The couple started feeding
them but none would let themselves be touched or even approached. Eventually they did
rescue all three and a male cat, who they named SUV as that was his only source of shelter for a while. The couple found homes for two of the kittens and Austin came to the
sanctuary. Although wary, he did enjoy being pet and having his neck massaged, especially once he was feeling more comfortable with his drastic, but enjoyable and safe,
change of life style. He is a more content cat now. .


Austin is a light orange short hair kitten who is very loving once he is comfortable in his
new environment. He readily rubs up against you looking for attention and loves cuddles
and light stokes, He can be picked up and held but will require a little extra time to get used
to being carried around. Austin likes to sleep at the foot of the bed with his foster mom at
night and is comfortable in the presence of other cats. He is very playful as kitten are at
this age, and at night and he can be heard playing with the other cats. Austin is ready to
be adopted into his forever home. One that will welcome him into the family and keep him
safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979