Flora & Faith

Flora & Faith

Flora & Faith

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Pet Patrol received a message on our answering machine: ” Hi there. I have four feral kittens
in my shop. My backyard is being totally re landscaped, everything dug up and creating
a lot of havoc. The garden shed that the kittens were born under is now gone, and the mother
has long disappeared. I brought the cats into the shop for them to be safe, but don’t know
what to do with them after that. They are nervous to be around people but my wife is able to
pet them” He mentioned that they were eight weeks of age and thanked us for calling him
back but he had already made arrangement to “drop them off at another place” Was this a
rescue or city shelter? No, it was at a random farm. After a bit of chat, he realized that the cats
would not do well there. They were not used to the huge horses, cows or chickens, the food
quality would be poor and they would never receive any vet care – vaccines or to be spayed or
neutered. With three of the kittens being female, there would be kittens born in the next few
months, totaling up to 18 new unwanted kittens. Not fair to anyone. Within a few hours these
lovely cats were at the sanctuary ready to be cared for and loved


Faith and Flora do very well making friends with other cats. They love to play with a string and
mice and run around the house together creating games of Zoomies and Hide and Seek.
They are very curious, and sitting at the window and watching the birds is their favourite activity. Initially, when moved to a new location with new people, they are very shy to start, because
they need time to build up trust and get to know you. Food is a great way to motivate these
pretty girls. They are affectionate and love their bellies rubbed and heads scratched but being
picked up is still new to them and their foster mom is working on helping them become more
comfortable with it. However Faith and Flora are very easy going and will never scratch or bite
you. They are ready to be adopted into their forever home. One that will welcome them into
the family and keep them safely indoors.

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979