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Bella is a frightened little cat who showed up in a parking lot in the middle of winter. She
was only about four or five months old at the time and was very skittish, fearing for her life.
Initially considered to be feral (a cat that has not been handled by people) she was rescued in a humane trap and brought into a woman’s home. It didn’t take long to see that
Bella needed some tender loving care to help her overcome her ordeal on the streets.
Rapidly she became comfortable, and the people loved her very much and took good care
of her. They had a 17 year old cat and they had always planned that when the cat passed
they would begin their extensive traveling. Not long after they brought Bella in their older
cat crossed the rainbow bridge and the family chose to find a new home for Bella through
Pet Patrol.


She is described as a lovely, sweet cat, very friendly and quiet. She has a few soft mews
to let you know what she wants and to say hello. She is known to pop up on the bed and
she sleeps near you every night. She’s extremely interactive and playful with other kitties,
curious and nosy She likes to check out what’s in the fridge whenever the door is open and
what is inside dishwasher as well . She’s very interested in the birds outside and especially when they come onto the TV. Bella is ready to be adopted into her forever home.
One that will welcome her into the family and keep her safely indoors

If you are interested in adoption please contact Pet patrol at 519-669-1979